Why You Cannot Ignore Gum Disease Treatment in Fairfield, OH

Many risks exist when you allow gum disease to continue without interruption in your mouth and gum disease treatment is not only cost-effective but will require very little alteration to your daily routine. In minor cases, you need only add an additional step to your hygiene routine, such as using mouthwash, while more severe cases may require a bit more dedication with the help of your dentist. Regardless of the severity of your condition, you stand to benefit from following along with treatment and life adjustment suggestions from your dentist because there are a number of serious consequences to consider if you do not.

Tooth Loss

Gum disease treatment in Fairfield, OH is there to help you save your natural teeth from eventually falling out or needing extraction over time. Periodontal disease will lead to many severe cavities, often not causing pain until the tooth is infected or otherwise beyond saving, which may lead you to eventually needing dentures. Although permanent options exist in the form of implants, these take six weeks or longer to recover from and the procedure to have a false tooth implanted in your jaw bone is exceptionally invasive, meaning that you must visit us today.


Your dentist is extremely interested in keeping your teeth and gums healthy with gum disease treatment because if you were to ignore treatment options, you may find yourself facing a serious problem due to an infection. An infected tooth will cause extreme pain, swelling, and discomfort and it will likely leave you without the ability to speak, eat, or even breathe properly through your mouth. What’s more, it may spread to your jaw bone and beyond, putting your life in danger, which is why you simply need to act now rather than waiting around for a trip to the hospital or worse.

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