Why You Should Consult Early With A Social Security Law Firm

Dealing with the United States Federal Government can be a nightmare and in the case of a Social Security disability application the difference between success and failure is often using the professional services of a Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge. An attorney that is experienced in dealing with the application process can ensure that you don’t make errors that can jeopardize your chances of being approved.

If you are disabled and you are not in a position to work it is of the upmost importance that you apply for benefits as quickly as possible as initial claims often take a great deal of time before they are processed, it is the exception to the rule that gets attended too quickly.

The little details matter:

If you are physically or mentally disabled and as a result can no longer work and provide for your family, if the disability is expected to last a year at least or result in your death, you may be eligible for benefits from Social Security. The whole process may turn out to be futile unless you present a strong case. The SSA is a stickler for detail, even if your disability meets the requirements, your application may be denied because of a simple filing error. About three quarters of all disability claims are denied; this is reason enough to hire a good Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge.

Experience really does count:

You will want to find a law firm that has experience handling all types of disability cases. The attorney that is assigned to your case must be intimate with the entire system, understanding all the rules and regulations and what it takes to win benefits for you.

Let’s face it, if you are disabled you are facing a plethora of issues, trying to deal with your own claim for Social Security disability benefits may be too much to ask. A Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge will take on the task and provide guidance every step of the way.

The process of applying for and appealing a Social Security disability claim can be extremely complex and frustrating. If you are disabled and feel you qualify for benefits you should first hire a Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge. You are invited to discuss your claim with the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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