Wildlife Control in Dublin, OH: 3 Tips for Preventing Raccoon’s on Your Property

Raccoons are cute little critters with black and white mask on their face and look as cuddly as they come. In reality, these critters are nuisances and if cornered they will attack you. If you are having problems with raccoons on your property, the best thing to do is to call in Wildlife control in Dublin OH to take care of the problem for you. However, there are some ways that you can prevent raccoons from invading your property to begin with.

You should know that if a raccoon gets into your home they can do tons of damage and even open your fridge door to get to the contents inside. Below you will find some tips for preventing the raccoons from coming onto your property and avoid having to call in Wildlife control in Dublin OH to get rid of the nuisance for you.

Don’t Leave Pet Food Out Overnight

You will want not to leave your pet food outside overnight as little paws will grab on and then start visiting every night in order to eat the food that is left out. Start taking the food bowls up when you go to bed at night to help the little critters resist temptation.

Buy Metal Trash Cans with Tight Fitting Lids

You will want to buy metal trashcans with tight fitting lids that lock. Little paws can easily open most trashcans and get to the feasts inside. Having trashcans with metal lids, that lock tightly will deter the raccoons and may even send them next door to forage.

Clean the Yards and Around the Trashcans

You will want to make sure that you clean the yards and the area around your trashcans completely. The less clutter and trash you have in your yard the better off you are when it comes to keeping the raccoon population on the outside of your yard.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your yard free of raccoons. From tight fitting lids to cleaning your yards, these tips should help you be raccoon free and clear in no time at all. You can also call in the Raccoon removal professionals at anytime. Click here, for more details.



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