Work with an Estate Administration Lawyer in Sinking Spring, PA for Nontraditional Estate Plans

Some people have a clear idea of what they would like to happen to their assets after they pass away. Others are fine with the court distributing their cash and other property based on the rules of the law. For those who want to have control over the things they worked to earn during their lifetime, an estate administration lawyer in Sinking Spring, PA might be able to help. With an experienced lawyer by their side, an individual can create a unique plan that will ensure their family is taken care of after their death.

At a minimum, everyone should have a will. A will gives basic instructions to the court and can be used to assign a guardian for minor or disabled dependents. However, a will doesn’t give the same number of options as a trust. With a revocable trust, a person can retain control of their assets yet avoid having them be a part of the probate process when they die. Although this tool isn’t an effective way to avoid taxes, it will allow a family to determine who gets which assets without involving the court.

Having a clear plan outlined prior to death can ensure a person’s wishes are respected. It’s quite difficult for disgruntled family members to object to a clear and concise estate plan. This is why having an estate administration lawyer in Sinking Spring, PA can be very beneficial. An attorney who is experienced in estate planning law might ensure the fine points of the plan are clear enough that it won’t be easy for someone who didn’t get what they wanted to fight it in probate court.

People who want to give all or a portion of their assets to people and organizations outside of their immediate family might find it easier to do this with a trust. It’s important for anyone who plans to do this to talk to their family so they won’t be surprised to learn this information after their death. website offers tips and advice to help anyone who wants to take control of their estate. Making these plans early can prevent a lot of stress later.

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