3 Signs You Need To Stop In For An Oil Change In Beaverton Today

Sure, you most likely have a sticker on the upper right hand side of your windshield that tells you when you need to get your next oil change. However, if you are not sure if your car really needs an oil change, there are a few signs you can look out for. If you see any of these signs, chances are, your sticker is right and you need to stop in for an oil change Beaverton today. Browse website for more information.

To see if you really need an oil change you need to first check the color of your oil. When your oil is brand new, it has a clear, honey brown color. As you start to break in your oil, the color will gradually darken. Over time, the oil in your car will turn black. If you are seeing particles floating around in your black oil, it is definitely time to change your oil. If you don’t, you will overwork your oil filter and those particles you see floating around could make their way into your engine and mess it up.

While you are checking out the color of your oil, you should also check out your oil level. Over time, you engine will eat up some of your oil. Your engine generally starts to eat up your oil when the oil is not working as well as it once was. Do not just fill up your oil if the oil quality is poor. If your oil quality is poor and the levels are low, you need an oil change.

Another sign that you need to change your oil is if you have noticed your engine running louder. You engine needs oil to lubricate its parts. When it does not have enough lubrication, the parts will start to rub together. Get an oil change as soon as possible if your engine has been running louder.

If you need an oil change and you are in the Beaverton or Portland area, stop on into Du Fresnes Auto Service Inc Beaverton for an oil change. They have been serving clients in Portland sine 1968. They provide all of their clients with high quality service at an affordable price. You can’t last as long as they have in the auto repair business without providing excellent customer care.









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