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Keep a Lid on It!

Does a hot, fresh cup of coffee sound delicious? The most important part of bringing someone a cup of coffee is being able to keep it hot. That’s why it’s so important to provide hot cup lids for your customers. This type of lid secures the contents of a coffee cup...

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Lidding Film: Basic Types And Applications

One means of keeping the product protected is to seal it. Metal and plastic lids are one common means of accomplishing this. Another means also exists. This is a lidding film. Using less material, it covers, protects and keeps fresh a variety of products. What Is It?...

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Should You Palletize Your Operation?

Many businesses today start out small and eventually expand and grow into large operations. For example, a small manufacturing business may have a manual production process and then install automated machinery to greatly increase production. However, if your storage...

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Chipboard Boxes for Your Product

Your product packaging is important for many reasons. First, it must be functional. It must protect your product from breaking or spilling, and it must keep it fresh. There is a wide range of product packages that can accomplish this requirement. Secondly, your...

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