Troubleshooting Problems With A Stretch Wrap Machine

A well-designed stretch wrap machine will operate effectively and efficiently for years of continual use with just minimal maintenance. There are specific issues that can create problems with equipment, but it is more often than not with the choice of setting and failure to correctly maintain the system.

To assist in basic troubleshooting for any stretch wrap machine, consider the following issues and solutions before calling for repair.

System Doesn’t Adjust

There are various sensors on different types of machines that guide the packaging to adjust for different types of packaging needs. Some equipment will require manual setup for different carton or container sizes, but with the sensor models, the adjustment may seem to be inaccurate.

While it can be a defective sensor, it can also be as simple as dust on the sensor lens. Wiping it with a clean cloth and ensuring nothing is obstructing the sensor may be the ideal solution.

Incorrect Tension on the Wrap

Each manufacturer will have different options in adjustments for tension on the shrink wrap. Often these settings will need to be adjusted when different brands or types of shrink wrap is used in the system.

Some manufacturers will also recommend a specific type of wrap to use with the stretch wrap machine. Using alternative brands, particularly those that are lower quality, many not provide the correct tension on the packaging.

Packaging Not Cutting

Most systems will use a combination of a heating wire and pressure to form a seal once the wrap is stretched across the package. When the film appears to tear or doesn’t cut properly, there can be a range of different issues from cut wire breaks to fuse problems or even problems with the pressure applied during this very short period of time.

By maintaining the equipment correctly, these issues can often be avoided, eliminating downtime concerns for repairs.

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