Should You Palletize Your Operation?

Many businesses today start out small and eventually expand and grow into large operations. For example, a small manufacturing business may have a manual production process and then install automated machinery to greatly increase production. However, if your storage and shipping methods don’t keep up with production, they could seriously handicap your entire operation. In fact, palletizing and adding pallet shrink wrap machine equipment is an excellent strategy for improving the way you move and handle goods, and here are some reasons to consider this process.

Why Pallets?

How do you get your products to your warehouse or dock? Do you have to load them on dollies and pull the dollies to their destination? This method also calls for manually unloading and loading for shipping. It could take hours to fill a 53-foot or 48-foot truck, with this process.

Suppose you automate your system by adding a palletizer and a pallet shrink wrap machine . Your materials flow down a conveyor where the palletizer dispenses a plastic or wooden pallet. It neatly stacks the cartons on the pallet and then automatically takes it to the next process.

If you want your materials tightly secured, you can add a pallet shrink wrap machine. It installs a plastic film that shrinks when heated and this gives you one large load instead of many. Once it palletizes the load, a lift truck can place it into storage or load it directly into a truck.

Increase Your Warehouse Space

Do you need extra space for your warehouse? Instead of adding on to your facility, it’s much easier to install a pallet system. Pallet racks let you stack materials close to the ceiling without any problems. This increases your space without the need for expansion.

Thanks to palletizing and pallet shrink wrap machine technology, you can take your business into the 21st Century and compete with the big companies.

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