Using A Competitor To MIC-6

For those experts using MIC-6 for tooling, jigs, and special applications, choosing a competitor to MIC-6 can offer some significant cost savings and additional benefits to consider. Most companies, OEMs, fabricators, and manufacturing facilities are always looking for ways to cut costs without compromising quality, so this will be an easy choice to make.

What is MIC-6

As with all types of precision plate, MIC-6 is a precision cast plate with stress-relieved granules that are designed to dramatically reduce any type of deformation or distortion of the alloy due to machining. This same structure and internal stability also prevent this plate from distorting or bending when exposed to temperature changes during fabrication or working.

The benefit to the stringent processing of MIC-6 plate is a highly dependable, consistent and precise end product. It can be cut easily, and it comes with plastic on both sides to prevent the surface. It does come in standard widths and lengths as well as some custom order freedom for thickness, length, and width.

The Competition

There are a few companies on the market that make a very impressive competitor to MIC-6. They use the same methods of precision in the casting and production of their products, ensuring the same tolerances for flatness and precision throughout the plate.

Additionally, the interior stability of the competitor to MIC-6 makes it an ideal choice for use in automobile and aerospace tooling, for plates and indexing tables and printers and CNC tables and components.

It is worthwhile to note that is possible to have faster turnaround times for orders, particularly custom orders when choosing the competitor’s products rather than Alcoa’s MIC-6. This is an important aspect to consider for any job, particularly if there is a large order or if you will have an ongoing need for the plate that makes short order turnaround a critical factor.

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