The Aluminum Square Bar Provides Versatility and Strength for Numerous Applications

Only second to steel, aluminum is the next most popular and commercially available metal. It is used extensively due to its excellent strength to weight ratio characteristic. A premier leader in the aluminum supply industry can help you obtain the aluminum shapes and grades you need for your project requirements, including aluminum square bar.

The corrosion resistance properties of aluminum are excellent along with its electrical conductivity characteristics. The strength of aluminum can be enhanced significantly when it is alloyed with other metals.

Alloys of Aluminum Square Bar
When it comes to corrosion resistance, machinability, weldability, and strength, various aluminum alloys provide unique benefits for multiple applications. Using four digit number, the International Alloy Designation System is relied upon to name alloys. The first digit of the number designates the primary alloying element. As an example, the 7-series alloy designation refers to aluminum with zinc as its primary alloying element. The 6-series refers to aluminum with silicon and magnesium as the primary alloying elements.

Several commonly used aluminum square bar alloys include:

Alloy 7075
Square bar, round bar, and other shapes of alloy 7075 or used in aerospace applications due to the alloys excellent weight-to-strength ratio.

Alloy 6061
The versatility of alloy 6061 makes it suitable for an array of different applications. One of its key benefits is its corrosion resistance properties. Various products manufactured with 6061 aluminum alloy, include frameworks, supports, shafts, braces, and trim. It is easy to cut, machine, and weld.

Alloy 6063
When it comes to architectural grade applications, 6063 aluminum alloy provides a smooth and attractive finish. It is strong and lightweight and offers solid anti-corrosive properties. It is highly suitable for custom design decorative components such as you would find with doorframes, roofs, and window frames due to its easy forming, welding, and extruding characteristics.

Alloy 2034-T351
Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, this alloy is highly useful and aircraft and motor industry applications. It offers good nonmagnetic and heat treatable characteristics as well.

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits available in one or more grades of aluminum square bar, contact an experienced aluminum supplier serving your area.

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