Lidding Film: Basic Types And Applications

One means of keeping the product protected is to seal it. Metal and plastic lids are one common means of accomplishing this. Another means also exists. This is a lidding film. Using less material, it covers, protects and keeps fresh a variety of products.

What Is It?

Essentially lidding films are a layer of material – the film used to cover a product. Lidding can consist of various materials comprising any of the following:

* Foil

* Paper

* Polyester

* Polypropylene


Lidding film is a specific variation of lidding that provides packaging for both food and non-food items alike.

Types of Film Lidding

The lidding is available in different designs, of diverse material and characteristics. Overall, this kind of lidding falls into the following categories:

* Peelable

* Non-Peelable

* Sealable

* Non-Sealable

* Ovenable

* Non-Ovenable

* Transparent

* Non-transparent

Some companies may also look at this type of lidding in terms of promotional or plain. In other words, they may choose to have their logo and/or other advertising materials printed on the lidding, or choose to leave it without any direct company- related design or feature.

Applications for Lidding Films

Many industries have found uses for lidding film . The applications of these types of sealants or lids include:

* Desserts

* Cup Noodles

* Instant Soups

* Juices

* Margarine

* Mineral Waters

* Spreads

* Yoghurts

Although the food and beverage industry remains a primary market, others do exist. The medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries also employ them.

Lidding Film

Lidding film is a popular tool for many companies that want their items to be easy to open but secure and sanitary. Companies can continue to choose aluminum foil or plastic options, but the use of this type of lidding material is increasingly popular. It can seal and even reseal a product. It may be microwavable. It is, above all a convenient and efficient way to package and protect a wide variety of products for easy consumer accessibility.

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