Keep a Lid on It!

Does a hot, fresh cup of coffee sound delicious? The most important part of bringing someone a cup of coffee is being able to keep it hot. That’s why it’s so important to provide hot cup lids for your customers. This type of lid secures the contents of a coffee cup tightly for a pleasant trip when you’re on-the-go. It will also ensure that specialty items like whipped toppings stay within the cup, as well. Have you ever noticed just how intensely designed a hot cup lid is? They come in a variety of designs with options that are sure to please your customers.

To Pull and Sip or Sip Through

From the moment society deemed it important to take their hot beverages with them everywhere they go, cup lid manufacturers have been providing innovative designs that make it easier and safer to travel with hot beverages. Whether you choose to pull and sip or sip through lids, they are both expected by consumers on-the-go. The drink-through lid design can be traced to the 1980’s when the idea hit a society that they needed to be able to drive, walk or commute while sipping hot beverages.

Provide Plastic Lids for Your Customers

It is important that you have plenty of cup lids on hand for hot drinks. Your customers have come to expect them and they have become a necessary part of providing drinks to society. Would your customers coming through the drive-thru expect any less?  Of course not. You can check with manufacturers about new hot lid qualities and aspects that are changing the industry. Hot lids are available in many sizes so you can order the correct size and amount for your business. Your customers will thank you for keeping their beverages hot and their cars much safer. For hot cup lid contact LBP Manufacturing LLC or visit

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