Warning Signs it is Time for Home Health Care Services

Are you worried about your mom, dad or another senior member of your family? Are you concerned they can no longer handle day to day tasks on their own? If so, it may be time to consider home health care. Getting to know some of the signs this service is needed can help ensure your elderly loved one has the care and help they need to ensure they can continue living in their home.


In many cases, bruising is a sign of spatial or balance relation issues that are often symptomatic of a health issue that is more serious. If you have a senior loved one with unexplained bruises, then it may be time to consider hiring a home health care professional. These professionals can help ensure your senior loved one doesn’t fall and monitor their overall health.

Weight Loss

For those who are not following a weight loss plan from their doctor, a change in normal weight may be an indication of appetite loss, forgetting to eat or the inability to prepare meals alone. A home health aide can help your loved one shop for groceries, make meals and make sure they are eating balanced, nutritious meals. This will help the senior maintain a healthy weight and you won’t have to worry about nutritional issues.

Not Taking their Medicine

In many situations, seniors won’t follow their doctor’s instructions or take their medication as it is prescribed. This is often because the senior “feels better” and doesn’t think they need to continue taking the drugs, or they don’t understand when or how they should be taken.

Hiring a home health care professional will help ensure that your senior loved one is doing what they need to, to remain healthy and happy. These professionals will provide the services and help seniors need and provide you with peace of mind.

More information about hiring home health care professionals can be found by visiting the Capital City Nurses website. You can connect with them on Google+ for more information!

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