A Probate Law Attorney in Topeka, KS May Help a Family Member Who Disagrees with a Will

The majority of probate cases are very straightforward. Debts are paid and the remaining assets are transferred to surviving family members. If the deceased person was married, most assets can be seamlessly transferred to their spouse. Unless the will says differently, other heirs get their portion of the assets after the other parent passes away. When probate is required in these cases, family members can often file on their own without legal assistance.

However, there are some cases where a probate law attorney in Topeka, KS can save a family a lot of time and money. In cases where the deceased person was unmarried or had children with more than one person, probate can be much more complex. This can be further complicated if the person dies without a will. With their wealth of experience, a probate attorney may be able to sort out the issues and ensure every heir has their fair share of the assets left after debts are paid.

A family may also want to consult a Probate Law Attorney in Topeka, KS if they are unsure about the validity of the will that was presented. It’s possible for one probate case to have more than one attorney representing different members of the family. Anyone who has an interest in the deceased person’s assets should be represented. Those who do not believe the attorney who filed the case represents their interest should consult their own attorney. When the case is solved and the assets are transferred, it might be too late for a rightful heir to get their share of the estate.

Ideally, family members can work together to resolve their loved one’s estate. However, if you feel like you aren’t going to receive what you should using the family attorney, contact us to learn more about your rights in the probate process. When a lot of assets are involved and the deceased person does not have a trust that outlines specifically what they wanted to do with all their belongings, it’s important for all heirs to understand how assets like real estate, cash, and other belongings are distributed among family members.

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