Common Problems With Your Hot Water Heater In Egg Harbor Township

When your hot water heater quits working, it’s frustrating and you need to have it fixed as quickly as possible. Some hot water heater malfunctions are due to faulty components or mineral buildup. Other times, you may need to replace your Water Heater in Egg Harbor Township. Below you’ll find common hot water heater problems and you’ll learn if you need to repair or replace your hot water heater.

No Hot Water

If you’ve checked your circuit breaker and you don’t have a blown fuse, you’ll have to dig a little deeper. The thermostat may not be working or the top heating element may be bad. In both scenarios, you should contact a plumber to test the thermostat and the heating element. The plumber can replace these components if necessary.

Not Enough Hot Water

If your hot water runs out too quickly, there are several possible causes. The amount of hot water that you and your family uses may be greater than what your water heater can produce. If this is the problem, you should invest in a larger unit. Other issues that can cause this are problems with one of the heating elements. If the water doesn’t heat up enough and comes out warm, one or both of the elements may be bad. If the hot water runs out while you’re using it, it can also issue with an element.

Noisy Hot Water Heater

If your hot water heater makes loud, rumbling sounds, you have sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. You’ll need to have your tank flushed out by a plumber to get rid of the mineral buildup.

Foul Smelling Water

When your hot water smells as it runs out of the faucet, this is another cause of too much sediment in the tank and the destruction of the sacrificial anode. After a plumber flushes out your Water Heater in Egg Harbor Township, he will install a new anode rod.

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