Considerations When Selecting A Laboratory Extruder

When searching for equipment for a production facility, testing facility or for general use in any type of application, finding the best solution for the job is always going to be a central factor.

This is not just a factor of the price, although that will certainly be a consideration, but it is also a factor of effectiveness, possibilities for expansion of the use of the equipment and the ability to handle the current and future needs. Taking the time to consider all options when looking for a laboratory extruder that is more than just a basic model can help you to see the possibilities.

Choose Experience

When looking for any type of equipment that has to be precise, flexible and able to handle all the requirements of the job shopping with a known company and manufacturer is going to be an important decision. The top companies also have the added advantage of using their equipment in many different settings, allowing constant improvement based on real world working experience.

This is not a time to try out a new company just getting into the market. By selecting a company with proven equipment, a strong existing market and the ability to have the system integrate with your existing system will all be important to consider.

Options and Features

The basic laboratory extruder will include the melt feeder and then various measuring equipment that is either part of the standard package or as an add-on optional component.

For increased versatility, look for an extender that is able also to function with integrated measurement analysis capacity and a continuous material feeding system.

You will also need to consider the options for configuring the equipment, including if the spirals and the cylinders can be configured to the optional design for your production requirements. Some laboratory extruder designs allow for multiple heating and cooling zones for optional efficiency with very small space requirements.

The size of the extruder is often a factor of the features and options offered. However, perhaps more critical to the extra features is the ability to complete the tests and measurements to specific industry requirements. Verify before making any purchase that the equipment is capable of being used to the specific recognized standards as they apply to your application.

Finding the right equipment starts with doing your research. Spend time looking online and comparing companies, equipment and reputation for quality and customer service before making your purchase.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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