Getting the Most from Your Commercial York AC Compressor

Perhaps you had to replace a compressor recently. Maybe a unit is giving you problems, and you are thinking of replacement. A York AC compressor is designed to last for many years with minimal problems. However, you can extend the life of your compressor and improve performance while saving money on energy, if you practice effective routine maintenance. In fact, here are two of the most common causes for commercial compressor failure and how to avoid them.

Getting at the Root Cause

If you have a bad compressor, something in the system caused this. When you replace your York AC compressor without addressing the reason it failed, it is likely to fail again in the future. However, once you correct the problem, your compressor will operate without added stress or load, and give you years of service.

Dirty Coils

Whether it’s the condenser or evaporator coils, they must be kept clean. This is especially important for the condensing unit coils. Your AC system works on the principle of “evaporating gas cools”. An air conditioner removes heat from the air and expels it to the out of doors. Here is what happens:

The compressor pumps refrigerant through the evaporator coils and it boils and turns to gas. Refrigerant has a very low boiling point. Evaporating refrigerant removes heat from the surrounding air and is pumped into the condenser coils where the refrigerant condenses back to liquid. The heat from the liquid is removed by a fan blowing through the coils. If these coils get dirty, the system cannot work properly and it can place a huge strain on the compressor. A strained compressor is not efficient and will wear out before its time.

To correct this problem, make sure coils on the AC system are checked and cleaned regularly.

Improper Refrigerant Charge

Your York AC compressor needs to be full of refrigerant at all times. An undercharged or overcharged system spells big trouble. Undercharged systems are caused by leaks which must be repaired. If not, it places a strain on the compressor.

You must be careful when charging an AC system and not put in too much refrigerant. This is caused when an unqualified person charges the system, and it can cause damage to the compressor. To correct this problem, have a trained technician check out the AC unit regularly and he will make sure it is fully charged and the right type of refrigerant is used. This will keep your cooling system running smoothly, efficiently and with fewer problems.

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