Going the Extra Mile for Your Customers – Tips for Maintaining Epoxy Floors

If you stock epoxy roller products for your professional customers, you want the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices. However, you can go the extra mile for your customers if you provide helpful tips for them to pass on to their customers. Here are some epoxy flooring maintenance tips they may find useful.

Cleaners to Avoid

A new epoxy floor is one of the most attractive and durable finishes, especially when applied to concrete. However, some cleaners may damage the finish. For example, any kind of cleaner with an acidic balance is not a good idea. Citrus cleaners and vinegar may attack the finish.

Standard soap cleaners are not usually a good idea. Although they do not damage epoxy, they may leave a soap film behind. Soap films can make the floor appear dull and make it slippery and a hazard to walk on.


If your customer is in the automotive business, fluid spills are a common occurrence and the sooner you take care of them, the better. There is no need to use an epoxy roller and special cleaning agents. You only need to use a soft cloth or paper towel for the job.


It is best to use soft bristle brooms on the floor. Dust mops are also fine to use. Be careful with stiff bristle brushes and brooms because they may cause tiny scratches.

Deep Cleaning

When you need heavy-duty cleaning, first sweep the floor clean. Ammonia and hot water work well for deep cleaning. You can use a quality foam or sponge type mop for the job.

These helpful tips may help to promote epoxy roller products because they give your customers something extra. Everyone loves a bargain and the feeling they get more for their money.

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