How to Tell If You Have a Chimney Leak in Rockville

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Roofing

The chimney of a home allows homeowners to enjoy a blazing fire during the winter, without worrying about the buildup of toxic smoke in their home. Unfortunately, a chimney can become damaged over time, leading to a Chimney Leak Rockville. It is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs of chimney leaks so they will know what steps need to be taken so they can seek repairs.

Signs A Home Has a Chimney Leak

There are a few different signs a homeowner can begin to look for when they are searching for leaks in their chimney. Leaking chimneys can lead to water damage which can become quite expensive to repair. The following are some of the most common signs individuals will discover if they are dealing with a Chimney Leak Rockville.

• One of the first signs homeowners may discover is damaged mortar joints. Although these might start off as minor cracks, these cracks can eventually widen over time, due to the exposure of moisture. Eventually, the damage can become severe and could lead to leaks and a crumbling chimney.

• If a homeowner discovers rust on the damper or firebox, this could mean leaks are occurring. If the damper will not operate as it should, this means there is likely a gap that is leading to leaks. Excess moisture in the chimney can lead to cracks in the flue lining which could cause a great fire risk.

• Spalling is another sign water leaks are occurring inside the chimney. Spalling occurs as moisture enters the bricks or blocks and causes the masonry to begin flaking off or being inundated with salt deposits. This is an issue that should never be ignored because it could lead to great damage.

• A cracked chimney crown is also a sign there are leaks occurring in the chimney. The crown is the first line of defense against the elements and when it is not in sound shape, leaks can begin to occur.

Call For an Inspection

If your chimney is showing signs of a leak, it is imperative the damage is repaired as soon as possible so the chimney does not pose a fire risk. Contact Reliable Roofers Inc right away and they will be happy to provide you with service.

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