Making the Difference – How Medical Interpreters Save and Improve Lives

Regardless of culture, when we think of healthcare professionals we think of a certain group of medical providers. We think of doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, pharmacists and the like, but do you ever think about interpreters? Indeed, medical interpreters are making a positive difference every day in the lives of Americans and their families by helping them stay, healthy, safe and informed about their care.

What is Medical Interpreting?

Medical interpreting is the conversion of one language into another in regard to medical documents, verbal and written medical advice and more. Often done in real time conversation between providers and patients, medical interpretation is an important resource for multilingual or English deficient individuals and families in the United States.

Medical interpreters may be employed by a healthcare provider or medical center directly, or may be hired through a third-party linguistic services provider. Regardless of where they draw their paycheck, these professionals provide important tools for helping a growing percentage of the American population understand their diagnoses, treatment and care.

Who Needs These Services?

Understanding the care and treatment you are receiving from your healthcare team is seen as a fundamental right in the United States. As such, any person who needs assistance in understanding the communication provided by doctors, nurses and other medical staff members can benefit from medical interpreting services. By facilitating the understanding of medical documentation and communications, medical interpreters help people make informed decisions about every aspect of their care, which does more than simply make things easier for both doctor and patient. This vital service allows more Americans to take charge of their own health and wellbeing, and can save and improve lives by allowing them to make the right choices for themselves and their loved ones.

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