Skilled Heating Contractors in Naples FL for System Retrofits and New Installation

Merciless temperatures put fully functional heating systems in high demand. There are things to look out for that demonstrate signs a heating system needs to be replaced. Furnaces manufactured more than 15 years ago are not Energy Star approved. Energy Star furnaces run much more efficiently. Return on investment is seen within the first year with substantial savings on energy bills. This applies to heat pumps and boilers as well. Equipment that seems to need repairs more often than it should with utility bills continuously rising are signs of operating inadequacy. Continuing to use a system like this can drain savings. Homes with excessive humidity could have problems with the equipment or leaky ductwork. Heating Contractors in Naples FL can inspect equipment to determine its condition.

Gas-fired boilers and furnaces are fueled by natural gas or propane. Heating Contractors in Naples FL can determine if a retrofit or new installation is best. There are certain components able to undergo retrofit. Vent dampers close vents when boilers are turned off. Depending on the model and condition it’s in, new vent dampers can improve efficiency. Vent dampers are most useful to steam boilers. Intermittent ignition devices can help older furnaces. Older furnaces and boilers usually have continuous pilot lights. Heating contractors can inspect all the equipment to determine if an intermittent ignition device benefits the system. Some gas burners are too large. This can affect its functioning capacity. A new gas burner of reduced size can decrease the amount of energy the system exerts to heat the building. This would automatically scale down energy bills.

Oil-fired furnaces and boilers are generally used in areas where there is little access to natural gas. Renewable fuel sources can be used with this type of unit. Some heating and air conditioning services are offering a combination of bio-diesel fuel and heated oil that’s manufactured on domestic land. Customers who do it this way will not be relying on foreign oil. The concoction of heated oil and bio-diesel is less harmful to the environment. Contact Cool Air Conditioning & Heating to learn what the best heating solution is.

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