Tips for Smart Car Paint Protection in Connecticut

An automobile paint job can be both a satisfying but costly venture. Yet, there’s nothing that gives a car owner more pride than pulling up with confidence knowing your vehicle is shiny, clean, and visually appealing. If you have recently visited a place such as Tint Master to have your car’s body painted then you certainly want to read up on tips and tricks to maintaining that look for months or even years to come. In fact, car paint protection in Connecticut becomes rather easy when you follow these tips regularly.


This may seem like a common sense step but it is surprising how many car owners neglect to frequently clean their vehicles. You should commit to a thorough wash at least once a week. Still, depending on where you travel or live you may need to rinse or wash it more often to rid the surface of dirt or debris that will soon set into the paint if not removed. Also, use the proper materials: a microfiber mitt and actual car soap are the best options.


This is also often a forgotten task in car paint protection in Connecticut. Drying is a must if you want to preserve that beautiful paint job. Letting your pride and job air dry can create an opportunity for water spots and mineral deposits to creep in. Dry off your car with a sheepskin chamois or a higher grade drying towel that is specially designed to prevent scratching or lint left behind on the finish.


If you do not know how to correctly complete this process, visit a professional. Waxing is an essential in protecting your car’s finish but can also create havoc if done incorrectly. This process rejuvenates the oils in the paint and an easy tell that the car is in need of a good waxing can be spotted when water hits the surface. If you see sheets flowing down the surface and not beads, it’s time for a proper waxing.

Daily Protection

Other ways to prevent damage to your car’s paint involves covering it with a heavy-duty tarp. This will ensure protection from the natural elements such as sun, rain, bugs, as well as dust and debris. If you can keep your vehicle parked in a covered garage, that will serve even better to guard its coat.

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