Why Do You Need SR-22 In Mundelein, IL?

In Illinois, all auto insurance laws are enforced. These laws indicate that all drivers must have at least auto liability coverage. All vehicles registered in their name must be covered under an insurance plan. SR-22 in Mundelein IL is a certificate that verifies insurance coverage.

Fulfill Financial Responsibility

The SR-22 certificate provides evidence financial responsibility for the automobile owner. It indicates that the driver has purchased and maintained auto liability insurance based on applicable laws. These certificate requirements are often issued for at least three years. A failure to fulfill this obligation could lead to penalties outlined under these laws.

For What Reasons Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?

The first reason that SR-22 insurance is assigned is a conviction for a DUI. This moving violation indicates that the driver is a greater risk to other drivers. It is also assigned when the driver is involved in an accident in which an injury is produced. A higher than average number of points applied to the driver’s record is also a reason for this certificate. Any driver who is convicted of non-compliance with auto insurance laws is also assigned this requirement.

Purchasing SR-22 Insurance

The driver must purchase the SR-22 certificate from a licensed auto insurance carrier. The insurance carrier submits the certificate to the agency in which the assignment originated. They will include current proof of the driver’s insurance coverage. This may include detailed information about the policy. The driver must purchase the certificate each year according to their assignment.

When is Proof of Insurance Required?

All drivers must provide evidence of insurance coverage when they are stopped by the police. They must provide evidence when they register a new automobile. They must also provide this evidence when they renew their automobile registration or tag.

In Illinois, all auto insurance laws are enforced according to state laws. A federal mandate applies to all registered automobile owners. Non-compliance with these laws incurs administrative penalties. They begin with a fine around $250 for the first offense. In Illinois, the driver is assigned SR-22 insurance for non-compliance as well. Drivers who need to acquire SR-22 in Mundelein IL should click here for more information today.

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