Common Pitfalls When Choosing VPS Hosting Providers

Choosing a VPS (virtual private server) is a great option for many businesses, even for small companies. The VPS option offers increased security, customization and full control over the resources of the VPS for the business owner. There is also the option to allow the hosting service to manage the server, giving the business the freedom to use the resources and functions of the server without all the technical management issues of a dedicated server.

However, choosing VPS hosting providers, as with any other type of service, starts with understanding what is required, comparing costs and also taking a good look at the history of the service provider. With VPS hosting companies, as with most business services, finding a reliable, reputable provider is a simple way to avoid the common pitfalls that can occur when choosing a company based on price alone.

To help avoid these common issues, here are three pitfalls to avoid in addition to simply choosing a provider based on price.

Failing to Check Support Levels

The best VPS hosting providers will make their customer service and technical support services a priority. Some companies that offer the deeply discounted prices only have live tech support during business hours, which means delays of several hours to days if there is a problem after hours or on the weekends.

Taking the time to verify that there is 24/7/365 support is an important check before signing a contract for services.

Distraction with Non-essential Features

It isn’t uncommon for VPS hosting providers to offer a wide range of services, many that may not be required for all business models and for all online needs. Know in advance which services are critical for your VPS needs and avoid being distracted by features that are irrelevant to the requirements for the business.

Overselling Services

The very low-cost VPS service companies often oversell plans on their servers. Remember, all VPS hosting has a physical server with a finite set of resources. Top hosting services never sell packages on servers that will impact access to their plans upper limit with regards to available resources.

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