Maximize The Basic Features When Choosing VPS Hosting Plans

In the not too distant past, VPS or virtual private server hosting plans were cost prohibitive for many businesses, particularly smaller companies with a limited market in ecommerce or limited need for data storage and transfer.

Today, there are very cost-effective VPS hosting plans on the market which offer both managed and unmanaged cloud-based hosting. Businesses can choose from Linux or Windows operating systems on the server, and also choose from a range of different included features.

However, it is important to do some comparison shopping online before making a choice in VPS hosting plans. Some companies offer limited included features and services while others provide a full range of options which are covered in the monthly cost.

Essential Considerations

For most small businesses, the managed VPS hosting plans are the best choice. This allows the business the freedom to make the changes on the virtual server to meet their needs, while the hosting service will maintain the security and performance of the virtual server.

With different plans within a hosting service and comparing between hosting services, be sure to consider the SSD disk capacity, the RAM, the CPU cores, the bandwidth, the number of IPV4 and IPVG ISPs available as well as the limitations, if any, on MYSQL, email, and FTP.

Be sure to also check the control panel options, the way the system backups the data, the support offered by the hosting company as well as if the system is proactively monitored 24/7/365.

The best companies offering VPS hosting plans will be focused on working with new customers, so they may also offer custom setup of the plan as well as provide options for resellers interested in generating income off of unused portions of the server.

Finally, be sure to consider a VPS hosting company with a discount for annual payment in advance. This can help to dramatically reduce the monthly cost, further supporting your decision to upgrade to VPS.

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