Consider Personal Loans in Fort Lauderdale FL From a High-End Pawn Shop

If you need money quickly and won’t be able to get a conventional personal loan, you can borrow money from a pawn shop if you have something of value for collateral. These Personal Loans in Fort Lauderdale FL are considered secured loans, in contrast to unsecured loans that don’t require any collateral. Unsecured loans carry the risk of collection activity if you can’t pay the loan back, but a pawn shop does not start a collection process against you. Instead, the store puts your pawned item up for sale. You’re free to obtain another loan there in the future even if you couldn’t pay back a previous one.

You may have an image in your mind of a pawn shop as a rather seedy, dingy place that would make you nervous to enter. That may have been true of some old-fashioned pawn shops, but today’s pawn lenders tend to have sparkling clean, brightly lit stores with nicely dressed, friendly employees behind the counter. Some have entirely embraced Internet technology so that the loan process can conveniently be started online. Click here for an example of a pawn lender utilizing this 21st-century loan application method.

This type of pawn lender might focus on high-end items so they can provide more cash to their customers. For instance, they might loan money for vehicle titles — including not only cars and pickup trucks, but motorhomes, boats and motorcycles. You wouldn’t have to stop using your vehicle; instead, the lending company becomes a lien holder on the title until you pay back the loan with the amount of interest you’ve agreed to. The high-end lender also welcomes customers who want to borrow money using valuable jewelry as collateral. Gold and diamonds are always in demand, so these are ideal types of collateral.

A pawn lender concentrating on high-end clientele will provide the utmost in discreet service. You can expect an office setting with no indication from the exterior that you’ll be entering a pawn shop. For Personal Loans in Fort Lauderdale FL of $1,000 or more for people who can’t or choose not to get a conventional personal loan — or a high-interest payday loan — this type of pawn loan is an advantageous option.




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