Don’t Go Through Divorce Alone, Hire A Divorce Attorney In Theinsville WI

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Lawyers

If you’re considering a divorce, you don’t have to go through the emotional and legal struggles alone if you contact a Divorce attorney Thiensville WI. Divorce is a complicated matter, especially if you and your former partner can’t agree on how to distribute debt or assets. A divorce can be even more complex when minor children are involved or if there has been a history of domestic violence.

There are guidelines for filing for a divorce, such as you or your partner must have been a resident of the state for at least six months before you file. In addition, you must have lived in the county you’re filing in for a minimum of 30 days. If you’re not completely sure that you want a divorce, you can file for a legal separation. This is legal document outlining the same issues that you would decide in a divorce, including child support or alimony.

If you and your partner can agree on all of the terms for the divorce, you can file a petition together. Even if you agree on the terms and agree to go to an attorney together, you should consider hiring a Divorce attorney Thiensville WI, to review the document before submitting it for approval. You don’t want to end up paying for things that you didn’t agree to just because you didn’t understand the legal language used in the document. Click here for more details.

If you file for divorce against your partner, and they don’t agree to the divorce or any type of agreement for the divorce, you will have to go through supervised negotiations in the court. These negotiations are designed to settle disputed areas of the agreement. If you still cannot agree on certain issues during the negotiations, a judge will decide what is fair. Whatever the judge decides is a legally binding document.

Divorce in complicated, and to receive a fair outcome, you should hire an experienced divorce attorney. An attorney will work in your best interest and your children’s best interests. They can guide you legally through this difficult time in your life. Go to for more information on your divorce questions.

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