How to Care for a Dental Crown to Keep It in Top Condition

When a person has suffered from severe tooth decay or an infection that requires a root canal, it is important to provide the tooth with the support it requires to prevent further damage. One method of strengthening a tooth or correcting a misshapen one is by having a tooth crown in Albion applied to the damaged tooth. A dentist can place a customized crowned over the damaged tooth that will look like the natural one beneath the application. This process requires two visits to a dental office to have a mold taken of the tooth to create a temporary crown until the permeant one is created in a lab and ready to be applied to the person’s mouth.

Caring for the Crown at Home

After a tooth crown in Albion has been applied, you can treat it like your natural teeth by regularly brushing and flossing the tooth. It is important to routinely clean the crown to ensure it remains in pristine condition and to prevent inflammation of the gums surrounding the crown. After the process is completed, a dentist will provide instructions on how to properly floss and brush the tooth. While there are no special diet restrictions after a crown has been applied, it is recommended to be careful with sticky foods that can dislodge the crown.

Restore a Damaged Tooth by Consulting Your Dentist Today

All Smiles Dentistry offers highly-trained staff that stay on top of the latest information and tools used in the dental industry today. They can examine your damaged tooth and determine if a tooth crown is the right solution for you. A skilled dentist will explain the process of applying a crown to help you make a well-educated decision if this is the right option for you.

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