Looking For Authentic Indian Food In Washington DC

Having a hard time finding authentic Indian Food in Washington DC? Do not look any further than Heritage India for this unique blend of flavors. Indeed, this cuisine is a blend of all the nations and cultures that impacted India.

Religion And Food

Indian Food in Washington DC is influenced mostly by regions and religions. The primary religions are Hindu and Muslim. Indeed, Hindus prefer vegetarian food. By contrast, Muslim food is known for the preparation of meat. Kebabs, nargisi kaftas, and rogan josh are favorite dishes handed down by Muslim settlers.

Pulses Are Everything

Key ingredients in Indian cuisine are rice, wheat flour, and pulses. Pulses are dry legumes that are cooked in different ways. Since many Indians are vegetarians, pulses are a source of protein. In fact, pulses like lentils are ground into flour to make bread and noodles.

Pulses include beans, lentils, peas, and seeds. They can be eaten whole or split. Further, split pulses are eaten with or without the skin. Dal, a major food, is a split version of lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes.

Do You Like It Spicy?

Indian cuisine can be spicy. The most common spices include cumin, turmeric, chili pepper, fenugreek, ginger, and garlic. Different cooks like to make their own spice blend which is called a marsala.

Additionally, many Indian dishes require a lot of dairies. Look for milk, ghee (clarified butter,) and yogurt. Moreover, curries are called gravies, and many of them are milk-based.

Regional Cuisine

Northern Indian cuisine is distinguished by the use of the tandoor. This oven is used to bake naan bread and to cook tandoori chicken. Interestingly, Naan is not really Indian but was brought to the country by Algerians. Somosas are small pies popular in Northern India. They are filled with meat and potatoes and fried.

Eastern India is known for its popular desserts. Examples include rasagolla, chum-chum, and kheeri. Southern Indians use a lot of rice in their cooking. Popular dishes include biryani, ghee, rice with meat curry and seafood.

Western Indian cuisine is influenced by the Arabian Sea. People eat lots of seafood and coconut which are plentiful. Temperatures rise to 120-degrees, so salt, sugar, and lemon are used to keep foods fresh. Learn more by visiting an authentic Indian restaurant.

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