Scattering Ashes of a Deceased Loved One After Cremation in Vancouver, Wa

Organizations providing service for Cremation in Vancouver Wa are accustomed to hearing questions about where ashes can be scattered. With approximately half of the bereaved families choosing cremation instead of a traditional burial for their deceased loved one, these questions have become frequent. State and local laws apply, and people also must consider the importance of courtesy when choosing a location.

Doing Something Special

Scattering ashes of a loved one after Cremation in Vancouver Wa is a meaningful experience, and the family members typically want to do something special. They may arrange a small ceremony or simply travel to the desired location and release the ashes into water or into the air from a hilltop or other high point. Some companies provide service for releasing ashes from a hot air balloon or from a yacht in an ocean, lake, or river.

Storing Ashes Temporarily

Sometimes, the process of releasing cremated remains must wait until the family ties up practical matters or for another reason. A burial usually is completed within a week’s time or less, but someone can keep the ashes at home until the time is more appropriate. An organization such as Cremation Society of Washington can provide an urn or other containers┬áto store the ashes on a shelf, in a cabinet, or in another place of honor.

Reasons for Delays

One reason a family delays setting a date for the release is because of weather or the need to travel. Perhaps the loved one was particularly fond of staying at a family cabin on a lake in the summertime. If the death occurs over the winter, those left behind may wait until June or July to make the trek to the cabin and set the ashes free over the water.

They will need to check the relevant regulations to make sure doing so is allowed on a particular lake. It may only be allowed from a boat a certain distance from shore, for example.

Another situation would involve a person who particularly loved visiting a location in another state. The relatives will need time to arrange a trip there when everyone who wants to participate is able to go.

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