Tank Rental in New York Calms Nervous Patients

Aquarium therapy is a beautiful and drug-free way to calm down many nervous children or patients waiting to see a doctor or dentist. Watching fish glide through the water and the gentle sway of aquarium plants or tank decorations helps to relax people about to enter a stressful situation. Here are some advantages of fish tanks for your office or practice from Aquarius Aquariums .

Reduces Blood Pressure

According to the American Student Dental Association, studies going back to the 1980s find that an aquarium in the waiting room helped lowered patients’ blood pressures. This not only helped to reduce stress but also in some instances helped to reduce the amount of pain medications during dental procedures.

Good Feng Shui

There are many people of all cultures and nationalities that believe in the system of feng shui, or balances of energies to promote harmony and beauty. Fish have been a vital part of feng shui designs for centuries, even when they were harder to see before clear glass or acrylic aquariums were invented. Fish of all kinds represent prosperity and luck.

No Worries for Tank Maintenance

Tank Rental in New York has advantages not only for your patients or clients but for you. You do not have to be a genius in keeping fish alive or repair faulty aquarium equipment on the fly. Tank rental services include tank cleaning and maintenance. They work with your schedule, so they do not interfere with the day-t-day activities of a busy office or waiting room.

Salt Water, Fresh Water or Brackish?

There are three different types of fish based on the salt levels in the water that they need to thrive. Salt water fish would be ocean-going fish. Freshwater fish includes familiar goldfish and tropical fish. Brackish fish live in slightly salty water such as swamps or marshes provides. Fortunately, all of these types of fish and aquariums provide the same benefits for people in the waiting room. It’s the action of the fish and the sound of running water that seems to be the magic ingredients. Talk with Tank Rental in New York specialists to find out which would be best for you.

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