The Best Option In A Long Lasting Rawhide Alternative

Rawhide dog chews and bones have always been an ideal product for the chew and bone manufacturers. They are produced from otherwise waste material from the leather processing industry, and most are made in processing plants with extremely limited quality controls or advanced production methods.

Cheap Products at a High Cost for the Dog

This makes them incredibly cheap to manufacture. Even the addition of artificial flavors, baking, stuffing, and coloring is very cheap, so the manufacturers make a good profit. However, these rawhide bones and chews are potentially very dangerous to dogs, something that vets are quick to point out.

The benefit for the consumer is also the low cost and the long-lasting nature of rawhide chews. This is also a bit of marketing pitch as well. Anyone who has seen a dog chew on a rawhide toy knows that is shreds relatively quickly, leaving a slimy, soggy mass or having the dog swallow it whole. This poses a choking risk and also remains up to 15% undigested in the stomach even after 24 hours.

A Better Solution

A healthier, safer and much more dog-approved option in a long lasting rawhide alternative is a product made of baked pork skin. Similar to pork rinds, the baking process removes 70% of the fat, leaving a flavorful chew for the dog.

This is a long lasting rawhide alternative which the dog will eat completely, with no soggy leftover mess. With 99.9% digestibility in 24 hours, it does not pose the blockage problem seen with rawhide.

Available in different flavors, shapes, and sizes, this long lasting rawhide alternative is something dog owners can feel good about giving their dogs. Suitable for weaned puppies through to senior dogs, it is a healthy alternative in a very reasonable priced chew.

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