Size Considerations With Rawhide Alternatives For Puppies

Most puppy owners have seen those adorable pictures of a small puppy trying to carry around a huge bone. While this does make for some heart-melting photos, is it not the best option for the puppy.

One thing to consider with puppies, particularly when feeding real joint bones, is the puppies have little, tiny, sharp teeth. They are not the chewing and biting teeth of an adult dog, which makes actually getting any value out of real bone much more problematic. Additionally, real bones are a mess in the house, and puppies should never be left with these bones, or any other alternative, without supervision.

Rawhide has been used in the manufacturing of puppy chew toys for decades. However, rawhide is potentially very dangerous for puppies. Approximately 15% of the rawhide a puppy or a dog consumes is still in the dog’s digestive tract in 24 hours. This can create blockages and digestive problems, particularly in puppies who are less likely to completely chew this stringy, sodden mass.

Correctly Sized Healthy Rawhide Alternatives For Puppies

A better option is to consider healthy rawhide alternatives for puppies. These products are made from real chicken, peanut butter, milk and baked pork skins, creating a safe, nutritious and very delicious 100% consumable chews.

Finding the right size of chew in rawhide alternatives for puppies is a bit tricky. Not all puppies are the same size, and not all will need the same sized chew. A Yorkshire Terrier puppy will need an extremely small chew toy while a Great Pyrenees puppy may need a chew designed for a small dog, even though it may just be a few months old.

Look for a healthy chew that is large enough so it cannot be swallowed. Additionally, get a chew that is small enough to allow the puppy to chew, helping to clean plaque from the teeth as well as provide the necessary stimulation to the gums for healthy oral care.

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