Tips For Buying Large Dog Chew Bones

Large breeds of dogs are typically considered to be those 50 to 90 pounds at maturity. There are also the giant breeds of dogs, which include dogs that will mature to weights of greater than 90 pounds. Often, for simplicity’s sake, any dog over 50 pounds is considered large, with the giant breeds also being included in the big category.

These dogs pose unique problems for finding toys and chew bones. They tend to be more aggressive chewers, which means they are more likely to tear apart chew bones and create a very real concern for the owner.

The Concern With Large Dogs and Rawhide

Traditional rawhide types of large dog chew bones are made from strips or pieces of the inner layer of cow hides, removed during the pre-tanning process. This hide is often bleached, smoked, rolled or pressed into shapes. As the large dog gnaws at the chew toy, the rawhide becomes soft and stringy, and it begins to swell with the moisture.

With the powerful chewing ability of these dogs, the soggy rawhide bone can be easily separated into pieces. These already wet and slimy pieces can easily be lodged in the throat, posing a choking hazard. Pieces which are swallowed do not fully digest and can form masses in the stomach or intestines, potentially creating a life-threatening condition which will require surgery to correct.

The Safe Option

By choosing non-rawhide large dog chew bones made from baked pork skin, chicken, peanut butter and milk, the chewing of your dog will not be a safety concern. Instead, these large dog chew bones are fully chewed up and consumed, with full digestibility in the dog’s body within 24 hours.

Not only does your dog get a great tasting, highly satisfying chew bone, but you get to feel great about providing a healthy, nutritious bone for your dog to enjoy.

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