Questions to Ask Swimming Pool Installers in Long Island NY

Summers can be hot and humid and there is nothing more relaxing than jumping into the water. Families can’t always just pick up and head to the beach or to a lake when they want. How about installing an in-ground swimming pool in the backyard? There are some things to consider that will make the project a success. Rather than jumping right in, here are some questions to ask swimming pool installers in Long Island NY.

What is Included in the Contract?

Before signing the contract for pool installation, verify whether there will be any additional charges that could pop up. There is no need for one to be thinking they are paying a set price and then be stuck with a larger than expected bill in the end. Many swimming pool companies will have a clause or insurance for this listed in the contract. Discuss anything that might come up or hiccups that are typical in a job like this one.

Look at Previous Work

Being able to visit the swimming pool company’s physical location will give a greater sense of assurance that they are an established business. Also, ask to see a portfolio of their past work. This along with talking to some previous clients about how their installation will give homeowners the confidence they will need to know that they are choosing the right company. Following this advice will ensure that the pool installation will be a success.

Workers’ Compensation & General Liability

Before any work begins on the property, verify that the swimming pool company is fully insured. This not only includes coverage for their full-time employees, but also any subcontractors, plumbers or electricians that come on the job. If they are not properly insured and someone gets injured, the homeowner will be liable for any injuries as well as lost wages that result from this. Never assume anything, ask for proof.

When the time comes to decide on Swimming Pool Installers in Long Island NY, be sure and browse our website. See examples of our work and additional information about services offered. This summer the family will feel like they are visiting a resort. This will be the house that the kids and their friends want to hang out at. Call today for an estimate.

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