5 Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Having a pool is a dream come true for many homeowners, who just can’t wait to spend lazy afternoons floating in the cool water. But before you can get to that dream, you have to do a bit of maintenance. Caring for a pool isn’t overly challenging, but it’s not something you can ignore. Many homeowners make a few mistakes before they figure out the best way to take care of their pool, and then end up having to call for pool repair. Here are five of those mistakes that you can avoid today.

1. Forgetting to check the water level daily. The water level of your pool is very important for keeping the pumps, filters, and various elements working correctly. If the water level drops even a little, the pump could burn out very easily. Be sure to check the water level every day.

2. Not checking the chemical balance regularly. The chemical balance of pool water can get out of whack very quickly – and it can be hard to get it back after it has developed algae. To avoid the necessity of filter cartridge replacements and chemical shocks, be sure to keep the chemicals balanced as often as you can.

3. Leaving the skimmer boxes and pump dirty. We know it’s tempting to relax after a fun time in the pool – but it’s important to clean out the skimmer boxes and pump if you see any dirt or debris in the pool after some swim time. Dirt in the skimmer box causes the pump to burn out, which leads to you needing pool repair.

4. Not checking the pump for leaks. A leaking pump can cost you a lot of money, and you may not even notice it at first. Leaks in the pump are typically caused by corrosion or a burnt out pump. If the water level drops, or you clean out a very dirty skimmer box, consider checking the pump for leaks.

5. Forgetting to clean out metal items that fell into the pool. If someone dropped some coins, screws, or other metal bits into your pool, get them immediately. Cleaning services for the stains left behind by metal can cost in the hundreds, and metal parts can also cause damage if they are sucked up into the filtration system or pump.

Avoid these five mistakes, and give us a call for a free quote on pool repair in Phoenix.

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