The Benefits of Considering Non-Invasive Options for Neck Tightening in East Hampton NY

When people look in their mirrors and see nothing but sagging skin, the first thought is to consider the idea of cosmetic surgery. It helps to know there are ways to do something about turkey necks and similar skin issues without having to undergo any type of invasive procedure. There are even methods that do not involve the use of complicated wraps and creams. For those who would like to learn more about the benefits of undergoing therapy as the path to Neck Tightening in East Hampton NY, here are some points to consider.

Stimulates the Growth of Collagen

Unlike other methods, the use of therapy for Neck Tightening in East Hampton NY involves stimulating the natural process of collagen production. Using equipment to target specific areas such as the neck, it is possible to increase the production of collagen under the layers of the skin. This in turn helps to lift and plump the area and get rid of the sagging. At the same time, the increased collagen production nourishes the outer layer of the skin and helps to provide a healthier and smoother surface.

No Recovery Time

Other methods for dealing with sagging skin typically require some sort of recovery period. This is certainly true with any kind of cosmetic surgery or even treatments like facial peels. By opting for therapy, nothing will slow the patient down for the rest of the day. It is possible to have a treatment and be able to go back to work, run errands, or do anything else the patient would normally do.

Little to No Discomfort

Some patients do report a slight tingling sensation during the actual treatment. In terms of pain afterwards, it is possible for some patients to notice that the skin has a slightly red tinge for an hour or so afterwards. Compared with the level of discomfort that comes with other methods, even these possible effects are nothing.

For people who are unhappy with the presence of sagging skin on their necks, click here to find more about what therapy can do. After going over the particulars, schedule an appointment with a professional and find out exactly how much help the treatment will provide. From there, it will be easy to make the right decision.

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