What to Know About a Rental Contract for an Excavator

Many projects require handling of material such as rocks, dirt, and debris in addition to the digging of dirt for various reasons. To make this easier, many companies and individuals choose to use an excavator. Since this heavy machinery is very costly, it’s advisable to consider an Excavator Rental in Harrisburg PA. Learning about the basic parts of a rental agreement for an excavator will help a person go through the rental process easier and more efficiently.

A contract for an Excavator Rental in Harrisburg PA will normally have the owner of the equipment designated as the “owner” or “supplier”. The person renting the equipment will typically be referred to as the “renter” or “operator”. The rental period is the period the renter is in possession of the excavator, whether it’s being used or not. This is stated as a unit of time such as a day, week, or month. Delivery and pick-up of the equipment may or may not be a part of the rental period. The rental rate is the price a person will pay for renting the excavator per unit of time. It can also be a flat rate for the entire rental period.

It’s important for a renter to understand all terms and conditions of the rental contract to uphold legal obligations to the owner of the excavator. A person should learn about all applicable fees including late fees and return check fees. Normally, a renter is responsible for maintenance and repairs of an excavator while it’s in his possession. However, if damage happens as a result of the manufacturing process, the renter or producer of the excavator will typically be responsible. A renter should ensure that all parts of a rental agreement are filled out. When a part does not apply to the rental of an excavator, the space should be filled in with “not applicable” or “N/A”.

Knowing about the fundamental parts of a rental agreement will help a person protect his financial interests and safeguard against fraud. For more information on excavation rentals, a customer can talk to an expert at Slaymaker Rental & Supply. This company can handle the rental of excavators in addition to skid loaders, telehandlers, trailers, and lifts.

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