What to Expect With Invisalign in Ann Arbor, MI

People who prefer not to wear visible braces sometimes turn to an alternative called Invisalign. There are a number of potential benefits to getting invisalign in Ann Arbor MI. Understanding the process and the pros and cons may make the decision easier.

Who It Helps

People who have underbites, crowding, overbites or gaps in their teeth may benefit from Invisalign in Ann Arbor MI. Those who have very severe issues with their teeth may need to have other treatments either before or instead of using Invisalign trays.

The Process

The dentist will do an assessment to see whether Invisalign might work for a person, and then design a custom treatment plan. First, the dentist takes digital x-rays and makes impressions of the teeth. Then the Invisalign software can show how the teeth are likely to change and what they will look like at the various stages of treatment. Next, the custom trays are made, and patients use a new aligner every two weeks to gradually move the teeth into the right places. There will be some discomfort as each new aligner is used for the first time, and this will last for a few days until the teeth start moving into place. The entire treatment lasts approximately a year, but this can vary a bit depending on the patient.

What’s Expected

For the best results, people need to wear their aligners at least 20 hours each day. The aligners should mainly be removed just to eat meals and brush the teeth. Every 6 weeks or so or as recommended, patients will need to visit the dentist to have a progress check and see if any adjustments are necessary to the treatment. Removing the aligners for too much of the day will make it so the process doesn’t work as well and may take longer than expected.


Just like with braces, it may be necessary to wear a retainer after treatment is completed to prevent the teeth from starting to shift and move back toward where they used to be.

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