For Help Getting Compensation, Contact an Automobile Accident Attorney in Centerville, OH

When a person is victim of a car accident that wasn’t their fault, they should receive compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurance company might try to deny the claim and state their client was actually the victim of the accident. This is usually done based only on their driver’s statement of what occurred, but it could mean the victim not receiving the compensation they’re entitled to. To fight this, they’re going to want to hire an automobile accident attorney in Centerville, OH.

The lawyer will talk to the victim during a consultation to find out more about the case. If the lawyer agrees they should receive compensation and is ready to help them, the person can hire the lawyer. At this point, the lawyer will start to look for evidence that might detail exactly what happened to cause the accident. Through this evidence, the lawyer will try to show their client was actually the victim of the accident and should receive compensation. Then, the lawyer will determine how much compensation their client should receive.

The compensation should cover medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repairs, and the person’s legal fees. Depending on the severity of the accident, there may be other types of compensation as well. The lawyer will start to negotiate with the insurance company for the full amount the person is owed and will work to obtain a settlement that covers all of the person’s accident-related expenses. If the negotiations are successful, the person will receive their money minus the legal fees. If the negotiations aren’t successful, the case may go to court to be decided by a judge.

If you’ve been in an auto accident and the at-fault driver’s insurance company has denied your claim, do not lose hope. Instead, contact an automobile accident attorney in Centerville, OH, as quickly as possible to find out how they can help you. The lawyers at the TSMS Law Firm are ready to talk to you about your case and to see exactly how they can help you. Contact them to get the process started now so you can receive your compensation as quickly as possible.

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