Who Can Make Use of In Home Care in Chevy Chase?

Not every situation calls for remaining in a hospital or moving to some type of nursing facility. There are times when all the patient needs is some type of in home care in Chevy Chase. Here are some examples of situations that call for this type of support.

Recovering After a Hospital Stay

There comes a time when a person who has been in an accident or undergone surgery no longer needs the around-the-clock care offered by the hospital. At the same time, there is still some healing that must be done before the patient can resume the normal routine. For the weeks or months of the recuperative period, having some type of In Home Care in Chevy Chase will provide the support needed. From basic help with physical therapy to preparing meals and making sure the patient is taking medicine on time, a professional will be there to make things easier.

Dealing with a Permanent Disability

If an individual is left with some type of permanent impairment due to a health issue or an accident, moving to a nursing home is not the only option. This is especially true if the patient can still function at home with a little help. In this scenario, having someone come in for a certain number of hours each day may work fine. There is even the possibility of finding a live-in caregiver if needed. Being able to remain at home will make adjusting to the new set of circumstances a little easier.

Getting a Little Older

In some cases, there is no accident or sudden change in mobility. The fact is that the patient is getting a little older and could use help with a few things around the house. While still active and able to move around with relative ease, there is no longer the strength and endurance to manage tasks that used to be so easy. The right caregiver can step into the breach and take care of whatever tasks the patient can no longer manage alone.

For help with any type of in-home care, contact the team at Contact Specialty Care Services today. It will not take long to find someone who can offer the ideal level of support and make it possible to remain at home for a few more years.

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