Guide to Companion Care Services in Jacksonville Florida

In Florida, families hire personal companions to assist their elderly loved ones. Companion Care Services in Jacksonville FL are primarily for seniors who are in need of emotional support and who are healthy and able to live independently at home. These services assist these individuals with non-medical tasks that help make their lives easier. These tasks include cooking or light housekeeping, reminders to take their medications or even some help with personal grooming. The goal of a personal companion is to help the client enjoy their life more.

Benefits of a Personal Companion

Watching loved ones age can be extremely difficult, especially if you are not living near them A personal companion can give peace of mind that your loved one has someone looking in on and assisting them on a regular basis. The sad reality for our elderly loved ones is that they can become increasingly lonely as their friends and loved ones age and pass away. A personal companion can provide them with meaningful conversation and participate with them in activities that the client enjoys. Seniors can become anxious as they age and certain tasks become more difficult for them. They are still healthy enough to physically care for themselves, but they worry they will need to leave their homes and lose their independence. A personal companion can provide them with peace of mind that they can remain in their home and independent for a longer period.

What type of Personal Companion

The first thing to do is to determine the level of care that your loved one requires. An elder companion would be appropriate for a client needing more personal interaction, assistance with errands, or help with the housework. A loved one needing more personal assistance with things such as getting dressed, toileting, or bathing may benefit from a personal aide. Another difference would involve scheduling. An elder companion would work on any combination of hours whereas an aide would be more in a set of daytime or evening shifts. A home health care services company would be able to help schedule an evaluation and work with you to determine what level of services would best provide support for your loved one.

If you would like more information about Companion Care Services in Jacksonville FL, contact Family First Homecare Jacksonville or Visit the website for more details.

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