Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Summit, PA Can Protect Clients’ Rights While Helping Them Get Benefits

If a person is injured on the job, they must take certain steps to ensure that they get benefits they’re entitled to under state workers’ comp laws. The worker must, by law, file a claim within a certain period. Some people wrongly assume that their injuries aren’t covered under workers’ compensation, which means they could be missing out on the benefits and money they deserve. Below is a list of the most common mistakes workers make when handling a claim.

Failing to Notify the Employer

State law requires workers to notify the employer of an injury within a set period. Failing in this regard can disqualify one from getting benefits. Typically, notice must be provided within 90 days of the discovery date. Some assume that the employer must know about the injury if it happens at work; instead of trusting the employer, the client should be proactive in reporting the event and hiring workers’ comp lawyers in Clarks Summit, PA.

Only Notifying the Doctor

A person’s first priority after a workplace injury is to get medical treatment. However, one shouldn’t assume that telling a doctor that the injury happened at work will fulfill the notification requirement. It’s the workers’ responsibility – not the doctor’s – to notify the employer of the injury. John T. O’Malley, Attorney at Law, can help a person protect their rights after notifying their employer of an injury.

Not Filing a Report Because of Concerns About Claim Validity

One should report any workplace injury even if it didn’t result from a single event. For instance, one could receive benefits if they are hurt in a car accident while doing work-related errands, or they could slip and fall at a conference. Repetitive stress injuries are usually covered under workers’ comp, and must be reported to avoid losing one’s benefits.

Not Reporting an Injury Because It Aggravates a Pre-Existing Condition

If an on-the-job injury aggravates an existing impairment, one may still get benefits under state law. The same applies if the condition aggravates a work injury. Cases concerning pre-existing ailments are more complicated than other injury claims, and employees should find workers’ comp lawyers in Clarks Summit, PA to handle the case.

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