Caring For A Persian Rug in New York City

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Restoration

A Persian rug looks majestic when placed within a home. To keep a Persian rug looking its best, several steps should be taken to routinely care for it. Caring for a persian rug in New York City, can be done by following these directions.


When placing a Persian rug, a spot without direct sunlight is best. Ultraviolet rays will fade this type of rug over time, making shade a better alternative. The rug should be flipped over and rotated every month or two. While this will not stop fading from occurring, it will slow down the appearance and it will help the fading to be uniform throughout the rug. Rotating the rug is also important so the pathway people use when walking over the material will be changed. This will help keep the fibers from prematurely wearing.


It is important to vacuum a Persian rug to remove any debris from the surface. This will help keep it from becoming embedded within the fibers. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft-bristled brush. Do not scrape the brush along the carpeting so threads are not pulled out of the piece of material. Instead, hold the brush an inch or two above the carpet to remove any surface dirt. Tell people to avoid walking on the carpet with their shoes on to keep it looking sharp.


Persian rugs are made with ink that will bleed very easily if it gets wet. For this reason, a service that will clean a Persian Rug in New York City is the best option in having a clean carpet. If something spills on the Persian carpet, it may need a Rug Restoration to remove any stains from the fibers. First, blot the stain using a clean piece of cloth to help remove any liquid. Make sure to blot from the edges of the stain toward the middle so it does not spread.

To keep a Persian carpet looking clean for years to come, using a carpet cleaning service can be beneficial. The carpet will be cared for properly, leaving it in pristine condition afterward.

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