Gas, Wood or Charcoal? Choosing Your BBQ Equipment

One of the first questions you probably have about buying BBQ pits in Houston is the type of heating method you should select. Experienced pros know to stay away from electric units, as they don’t impart the kind of full-bodied flavor that makes barbequed meat enjoyable. However, the next question is: do you pick gas, wood or charcoal? All three methods have their own unique advantages, so you’ll need to choose based on several factors.

Where Will You Smoke and Serve Your Meat?

If you plan on doing any competitive barbeques, remember that most competitions require you to use equipment powered by either wood or charcoal. When shopping for BBQ pits in Houston, remember that most competitions will not allow gas smokers, although you’ll likely be permitted to use a unit that relies on electricity for controlling its feed mechanism or thermostat. Pellet smokers are ideal in these cases, as they use wood for the fuel but feature more precise temperature monitoring. The home barbeque enthusiast who plans on only cooking for his or her friends and family can probably get away with a gas unit, as they’re less expensive and easy to set while rewarding diners with great flavor.

Flavor, Heating and Texture Are Factors to Consider

Selecting BBQ pits in Houston may ultimately narrow down to your personal preferences. Wood opens up endless potential for variations in flavor. Apple, hickory, oak, mesquite and maple are just a few possibilities, but don’t discount apricot, bay, orange, pear or other types, either. Meanwhile, charcoal is a winner in the heat department and works well for basic outdoor grilling. Finally, gas affords you even temperature control, all over searing and easier cleanup.

Shopping Smart Leads to a Smart Purchase

Wood, charcoal and gas all offer unique bonuses in barbeque. Smokers may prefer wood for its capacity to handle slow heat and for complex flavors. The backyard griller might choose wood or gas for their advantages of heat range and distribution. These are just a few things to think about when shopping for BBQ pits in Houston.

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