5 Tricks to Keep Your Deer Feeders Working Right

Feeders can easily jam or stop working. If you’re having problems with your feeder, here are a few useful things you can try:

Do your homework

If you’ve got a problem with any specific part, research on possible issues associated with that part. Find out if you need to shop around for deer feeder parts in Houston or not.

Check the battery

If the battery connections aren’t secure or there are leaks or breaks, that could be why your feeder isn’t working anymore, says Gone Outdoors. Toss your battery over for a new one. If things run smooth after that, then all you needed was a simple battery change.

Review the run switches

If you failed to fully depress the buttons on your unit, that could account for why the machine fails to release the feeds even after you set the time. Do it again and this time, make sure you fully press on those buttons.

Do regular checks

Do maintenance and inspection checks on a weekly basis. That’s going to help you keep an eye out for your feeder and to see if things are working right. Regular checks catch minor issues and problems so you won’t have to worry about replacing your feeder with a new one any time soon.

Buy quality parts

In case you need to do repairs and need to put in new parts, be sure to buy quality deer feeder parts in Houston. You might think that you’re saving up on a few dollars if you go for cheap options. But substandard or inferior products could deal damage to your unit. That’s going to cost you more in the long run. If you want to make sure you get the most out of your feeders, go for quality parts. That’s going to help your feeders last longer.

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