It’s Barbecuing, Texas Style

There are many people who think that grilling and barbecuing are the same thing. That’s not the case. Grilling is cooking meat on a grill while having the lid up. The heat is directly applied to the bottom of the meat.

Barbecuing, in contrast, is done with the lid closed. Hot air circulates around the meat and cooks it from all sides. Whether barbecuing or grilling, Texas BBQ pits & cooking units that are made for those backyard cookouts, can get the job done handily.

The Barbecue Advantage

Originally, the barbecue way of cooking was used for tougher meats. For example, the meat from cows that was part of a cattle drive, when they were driven across long distances by cowboys to get them to their destinations. When tougher meats are cooked for shorter periods of time and with higher temperatures, they remain tough.

Cooking the same meat for longer periods and with lower temperatures makes it much more enjoyable to eat. It ends up having much more flavor and being much more tender. Besides tenderizing the meat, barbecuing it allows it to become moister and absorb the flavors of any rub that is put on or the smoke from the fire.

The Right Tool for the Job

If you’re going to barbecue, you have to do it right. That means having the right tool for the job. Texas BBQ pits are an example of the right tool. They are built to last and designed to provide excellent results for a barbecue of any size. Texas BBQ pits are available in a number of designs. All of these designs ensure that the heat is distributed evenly inside the pit and that they can be easily cleaned. This kind of pit is all anyone would need for a delicious barbecue, every time.

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