Sizing Tips For Ape Hangers For Road King Bikes

Many people assume that ape hangers are the extreme version of this very classic style of handlebar that is a perfect match for most Harley Davidson bikes. These more pronounced types of handlebars can be 24 inches or more in height, which is well beyond what will be comfortable or safe for most riders of average height and arm length.

At the same time, these bigger ape hangers for Road King models may be the perfect option for a very tall man or woman or someone with longer than average arms. By choosing customized ape hangers, you can find the right height for your riding enjoyment while still keeping the iconic style.


The look of ape hangers for Road King models can also include what are known as baby apes or mini-apes. Typically these are handlebars that are eight to eight and a half inches, but they can be smaller that the eight-inch mark.

They tend to be wider than the traditional or standard sizes of ape hangers, but this will depend on the specific design. They do have the distinctive upward and perpendicular shape that defines this style.

Standard Apes

The standard apes, as mentioned above, typically run from the mini-ape size up to 18 inches or more. Generally, the most common sizes of ape hangers for Road King models tend to be around the 12 to 14-inch range for most rides with average height and arm length. This keeps the handlebars in balance with the bike and gives a classic look.

This leaves the hands at just about or just below shoulder height for most riders. Ideally, if you are going to be riding long distances, keeping the hands below the shoulders will reduce the chance of numbness in the hands and muscle pain in the shoulders.

It is also worth noting that in some areas there may be restrictions on the height of ape hangers for any bike. Be sure to check any regulations through your motor vehicle department before making a purchase.

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