Professional Pest Control in Baltimore MD: A Homeowner’s Best Friend

Most of us think of bug removal when we hear the word, “exterminator”. However, professional pest control experts like Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. are actually in the business of saving homes and keeping families healthy. During Pest Control in Baltimore MD technicians routinely locate and remove a variety of home-destroying termites and other harmful pests.

Technicians Locate Nearly-Invisible Termites

Many homes have been saved after their owners arranged expert Pest Control in Baltimore MD. That is because well-trained technicians can easily spot signs of destructive termites that can live in or under buildings. Most customers have no idea that they have a problem because termites can be nearly invisible until they swarm, which does not happen often. By the time customers get suspicious, the destructive insects have usually done thousands of dollars in damage. Pest control experts, however, can quickly spot several types of termites and note any damage they have caused. These professionals report findings to customers and then create treatment plans guaranteed to kill living bugs as well as eggs and future generations. The process sometimes takes several visits.

Experts Remove Health Hazards

During inspections technicians may also find toxic pests that have invaded homes without the owners knowing it. Roach droppings can irritate allergies, rodents carry disease, and hidden bees’ nests often turn up during inspections. Some customers also have animals living in their attics and chewing on electrical wiring. Technicians sometimes find bats, which are very hard to locate because they are only active at night. Just like bedbugs, most victims only know they have a problem when they see the bites. However, exterminators easily find these and dozens of other problems. They create custom treatment plants that remove the problems completely.

Specialists Prevent Recurrences

Part of good pest control is helping customers avoid future problems. They may do this by identifying water or food sources that attract animals or bugs. Technicians find any access areas that allow easy access. They also set up routine inspections designed to nip problems in the bud.

Smart homeowners rely on expert pest control to keep houses safe and sound. Professional exterminators can identify destructive animals and insects and remove them. They also help clients prevent future pest issues.

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