Signs it’s Time to Look Into Rat Control Services in Alexandria, VA

The last thing any homeowner wants to find in his or her house is a big, fat rat. This is understandable. While rats serve a valuable purpose in nature, they also carry dangerous diseases, attack residents and house pets, and cause untold damage to the home if they are not removed promptly. Rats also breed incredibly quickly so, if a homeowner has seen one rat in the house, there are already more around to make a nuisance of themselves.

Homeowners who aren’t sure whether they have rats may want to check out the following early warning signs of a rat infestation. Should property owners notice any of these issues, they should start looking into Rat Control Services in Alexandria VA immediately.

Rat Droppings

It’s much more common for homeowners and their families to notice rats’ droppings rather than the rodents themselves. These may be located anywhere in the home, as an adult rat can produce as many as 40 droppings per night, usually in concentrated areas. Extreme caution should be taken when removing these droppings, as they can carry dangerous diseases such as the Hunta virus.

Teeth Marks

Rats also cause damage to wires, shelves, furniture, and even walls. They use their powerful teeth and claws to shred materials around the home so they can make their nests. Check for signs of damage to insulation, cardboard, and bedding, as well as the other items listed above.

Scratching Noises

The majority of rats are nocturnal, meaning they stay out of sight until night has fallen. As a result, homeowners will likely find that it’s easier to notice signs of an active infestation after dark. Listen for loud scratching noises behind walls, in the attic, or beneath the floor, and note that these sounds may last for hours.

Dead Rats

It’s rare to actually see the rats that are infesting a home since they tend to remain in hiding during the day. However, homeowners may find dead rats on their property. This should never be taken as an indication that the problem has been resolved, as the reality is that there are likely many more rats alive in the home for each dead one that is found.

What to Do

The best thing for homeowners who have noticed these tell-tale signs of an infestation to do is to find Rat Control Services in Alexandria VA that can help. Check out Pest Management Services online today.

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